15 Web Performance Stats You Should Know

15 Web Performance Stats

15 Web Performance Stats

I came across a stat the other day that was shocking, it said “On average people leave a site if it doesn’t load in under 3 seconds“. It got me thinking about web performance, and in general how user’s behave when faced with slow loading sites. So I did some searching and found a bunch of the most interesting facts that you should know.

  1. “64% of shoppers who are unhappy with their site visit will go elsewhere to shop next time” – Tweet

  2. “2.8 million sites worldwide use CDNs, of those, 1.3 million are included within the most visited sites on the web” Tweet

  3. “A second delay in page response decreases customer satisfaction by 16%” Tweet

  4. “Search engines like Google recommend improving loading time when site is slower than 95% of others” Tweet

  5. “Japan hosts the fastest page load times, with a mean load time average of about 4 seconds” Tweet

  6. “54% of people said security is their top concern for transitioning to the cloud” Tweet

  7. “69% of hosting providers do not feel that security is their responsibility” Tweet

  8. “73% of mobile users said they’ve encountered a site that was “too slow to load”” Tweet

  9. “If Amazon increased page load time by +100ms they lose 1% of sales” Tweet

  10. “Netflix saw a 43% drop in outbound traffic after enabling compression” Tweet

  11. “52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a site” Tweet

  12. “If Google increased page load by +500 ms they get 25% fewer searches” Tweet

  13. “64% of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds” Tweet

  14. “Facebook pages that are 500ms slower result in a 3% drop-off in traffic” Tweet

  15. “50% of people will tell others if they have a negative experience on your site” Tweet


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Speed, Power, & Reliability

It’s no joke to say that web performance is important, from small to large sites, user behaviour is leaning towards a quicker experience and less waiting time. A CDN can actually help by offloading your content on a global network of edge servers, delivering content much faster then just from your one hosting server.

To learn more about CDNs and how they can help check out CDNify Discovery.

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