Custom SSL on our CDN is free. Here’s why.

  • Increased conversions & page speed

    Serving your secure content from our edge locations dramatically increases your page load times. This means a lightning fast and secure experience for your user & higher conversion rates.

  • Instant setup & deployment

    Whilst other content delivery networks charge a premium to set up and deploy Custom SSL we believe this should be available as standard.

  • Build trust & confidence

    Our Custom SSL securely encrypts the connection between your browser and the POP. This protects your content and means it will be served from a branded url that you choose.

  • Zero-cost maintenance

    Once your SSL is set up you might want to add or remove domains. At CDNify we will never charge you for this, making managing and updating your certificates cost effective.

If you don't have an SSL certificate you can easily purchase one from us for $30 once you've signed up. If you've got any questions just ask us