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Dedicated Static Hosting for your Websites & Apps

Why You'll Static Hosting with CDNify

CDNify is the simplest and most affordable way to supercharge your static sites and Apps. Free Custom SSL, a lightning fast Content Delivery Network, and an awesome control panel makes CDNify your first choice for static web hosting.

  • Total Control

    Whether you want to use our beautiful dashboard or manage things via our RESTful API, our gorgeous UI gives you total control.

  • Free Custom SSL

    Serve your static content via a secure encryted connection that's completely free of charge.

  • Superfast SSD Optimised Network

    With locations in USA, Europe, and Asia, our servers are accelerated with solid state drives.

Built for the Modern Web

Whatever your needs we’ll make the CDN experience work for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a blog with a few thousand subscribers or an App with millions of downloads per month - CDNify will enhance your users’ experience and help you scale.

  • Static Blogs & Sites

    Every second counts, that's why we do all the heavy lifting for you by automatically grabbing, distributing and serving your static content for you. Plays nicely with static generators like Jekyll and Metalsmith.

  • Landing Pages

    Slow performing landing pages drives users away, but with CDNify powering your site you can build kick ass squeeze pages, campaigns, and product launches with peace of mind that content delivery is guaranteed within milliseconds.

  • One Page Apps

    Rather then dealing with the headache of complex server-side code, static one page apps rely on the browser to render content, so you can serve it entirely at lightning fast speeds via the CDN.

  • Up-to-date Security

    Static content (HTML, JS, CSS, images, and video) are automatically served over the CDN securely with SSL, ensuring your users get to experience your website with speed and safety.

  • 100% Availability

    Delivering your assets via the CDNify network guarantees 100% availability, no matter how many people are visiting your site.

  • Multiple Branded Domains

    We know how important branding is, that's why we let you serve your content from your own branded domain at no additional cost, so your customers see

  • Faster User Experience

    Using a CDN means your website's assets are delivered to your users in the fastest way possible, which increases conversion rate and provides a better user experience.

  • Reduces Latency

    CDNify helps to reduce latency by caching assets on our global network and delivering them to your users based on their geographical location.

  • Built in Version Control

    By linking directly to your CSS/JavaScript files and purging via our API, you can ensure your users always see the most up-to-date version of your website or app.

  • Saves Money

    Using a CDN to distribute your website's load is a sure-fire way of reducing your bandwidth and exisiting hosting costs. Say goodbye to downtime and overage fees!

CDNify your Website or App today!