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Private CDN

Unlike our standard offerings, private CDNs are developed based on the clients needs and edge resources are not shared with any other users - you’ll have a powerful network of servers entirely devoted to your needs.

Private CDN is ideal for clients with specific security requirements, customers with specific location requirements or users who want to push a very high level of bandwidth. We can leverage our strategic bandwidth partnerships to create private deployments with a high concentration of POPs in a specific region.

  • CDN as a Service

    Built on CDNify technology so you get all the great features and functionality of our main offerings. Deploy a bespoke CDN for your own purpos that's not shared with anyone else. You'll get an entire set of edge nodes, specifically dedicated to you and fully managed by our inhouse team of experts.

  • Custom POP locations & density

    Want a CDN with a high concentration of POPs in Eastern Europe? No problem, we can build that for you. Or perhaps you decide that you don’t need any POPs in a given country? Then no need to have any. Your private CDN can be tailored exactly to suit any requirements both in terms of size and density. Expecting to get more traffic from one place? Then we can easily add more capacity on demand.

  • Infinitely Scaleable

    Handle traffic spikes with ease and scale capacity on demand. Use
    your own existing infrastructure to create POPs or have us source your own custom CDN edge locations for you, by leveraging our strong pre-existing partnerships with multiple internet backbones and
    datacentre providers.

  • User Centric

    By using a CDN you can deliver the best possible experience to your
    end users. Content will be mirrored in the locations you decide, providing you with a fully redundant failsafe infrastructure. Our self healing technology ensures constant health of your network and ensuring your traffic is
    actively re-routed should there ever be
    any issues.

  • White Label Solution

    Our fully customisable, user friendly control panel allows you to easily add your own branding. and use custom URLs for the Control Panel & API access. A completely transparent, ideal for large corporations or resellers alike.

Pick the Private CDN Plan that's right for you

Enterprise 1


per month

  • 10TB bandwidth
  • $0.05 price per GB
  • UnlimitedWebsites (resources)
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Enterprise 2


per month

  • 20 TB bandwidth
  • $0.04 price per GB
  • UnlimitedWebsites (resources)
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Enterprise 3


per month

  • 50TB bandwidth
  • $0.03 price per GB
  • UnlimitedWebsites (resources)
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