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Why spend countless hours with your head buried in creating documentation? This was the initial thought from founder Gregory Koberger who came up with the idea to streamline the doc process.

So what is It’s a service jam packed with simple tools to do things like building guides, trouble shooting problems, and provide support to your customers. With it’s “out of the box” appeal, is a must for developers wanting to save time when it comes to documentation.

We sat down with Gregory to chat about his startup ventures, the importance of good design, and growth.


Resources A collaborative developer hub for your support documentation.

Philleas & Fogg: Developing new products in 80 days around the globe. Use targeted, behaviour driven email and in-app messages to connect with your users.


There are more podcasts were we talk to some of the leading experts in their field and discussing new and interesting ventures like Hampton Catlin, Breach, and many more over on SoundCloud.

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