Free HTTPS on CDNify: Google adds HTTPS to their Ranking Algorithm


Google announced today that their ranking algorithm will now factor whether sites support HTTPS. For anyone that cares about a faster, more secure web, then this is a good thing – Plus if you are an existing CDNify customer you’ll be glad to know we already offer free HTTPS.

Google Loves HTTPS

Whilst we’ve known for a while now that Google takes site speed into account when ranking your site, it’s great to see them taking a stand on this. We all talk about wanting a more secure web, but sometimes it takes a player of Google’s size to effect any sort of industry wide change. The hosting industry is full of legacy players and change doesn’t always happen quickly.

So if security and good SEO are important to you, ensuring your site supports HTTPS is paramount. To start with it will have far less weighting then things such as content quality, but ultimately it’s Google’s goal to make everyone switch from HTTP -> HTTPS.

Adding Value

We’re really excited by this announcement and have been advocating for more sites to have HTTPS enabled by default for a while now. That’s why we decided to make SSL free for all accounts at CDNify when we relaunched our platform at the beginning of the year.

We care about adding as much value for our customers as possible, so it seemed odd to us that no other CDN’s were offering free SSL as standard. Being a relatively new entrant to the CDN market, it’s great to see the rest of the industry beginning to take notice and following suit.

So if better ranking and increased security for your users is important to you, then your can sign up for any of our plans and get started serving your content via HTTPS today.

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