What Is Real-Time Communication?

Real-time communication

Real-time communication, or RTC for short, is a form of live talk, video, or text between two or more parties. Different methods of RTC include –

  1. IM: Instant messaging, like PureChat and ZenDesk, communicating live via text.
  2. Video Conferences: Video chat between two or more people in separate locations, like with Google Hangouts and Skype.
  3. Radio: Live audio that take phones calls, be it traditional terrestrial radio or online radio with services like Wavestreaming.

How Can RTC Help Improve Your Website?

RTC is the quickest form of response – When a visitor arrives on the website he/she can talk to someone in real-time and get instant feedback. It can help boost a site’s reputation as there are people behind the website ready to answer questions, like pre-sales questions, and resolve issues.


There is a large demographic that still heavily rely on chatting to someone as the first point of contact, usually for new services that are unfamiliar to them. Having the support system in place helps catch those potential clients and allows to gauge users to see the quantity and types of users coming on the site inquiring about services.

The best idea is to find an RTC service that your demographic uses, or at least popular ones to cast a wide net.

Popular RTC Services

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are the most popular services to use to connect with users. Each platform should be utilised to connect and stretch to the widest possible audience, each having their own strengths –

  1. Twitter: Connect with millions of individuals whom can view your tweets (if public) in 140 characters or less. Using hashtags, retweeting, favouriting, and connecting with other businesses can boost interactivity and form quick relationships.
  2. Facebook: Much like Twitter, Facebook has the option to connect with millions of users, but there are more features like the news feed, timeline, walls, likes, and groups.
  3. Google+: Use circles, real-time stream, hangouts for videos and IM chat, and photo uploads and sharing.
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What Now?

Choose an RTC service that best suits your needs – if you have a fashion blog your audience will be visual so you might want to choose Google Hangouts for video chat, or if you have a tech company you might want to choose an IM service like ZenDesk, alternatively if you have an extremely large user base you might want to update them via Twitter or using a radio service like Wavestreaming.

Another key aspect is speed – chatting to someone in real-time is important, using a CDN service like CDNify you can ensure that your services don’t fail you at the most critical moment.

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