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CDNify Manager

CDNify Manager

The CDNify Manager plugin for WordPress has been designed specifically for CDNify to be simple and easy to use so it integrates with your WordPress site within minutes. Features include:

  • Create, view, and delete resources.
  • Choose resources on the fly.
  • All files like CSS, JavaScript, and media assets delivered via CDNify.
  • Easily change resources for migration or testing.

Integrate CDNify Manager and optimise your content across a global network of edge servers on the CDN within minutes by following this how to guide.

This lovely free plugin has been built by the marvellous guys at Paul&Sam (not to mention they’re CDNify customers!).


Paul&Sam is a design consultancy based in the North East of England founded by Paul Gillespie and Sam Kirkby. Combining award-winning design with over 14 years of development experience, they offer a wide range of design services including branding, digital, and print design – Find them on the usual social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A few of examples their work:

Grateful Dead Guitars
Dance City
Silver Bean

You can catch the wonderfully talented guys behind CDNify Manager over on the usual social media channels and on their LinkedIn profiles: Paul Gillespie (Digital Director) & Sam Kirkby (Creative Director).


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