CDN for Blogs

CDN for Blogs

CDN for Blogs

You never know when you’re going to get that wave in traffic, one that could slow your blog down to a crawl or worse… make it grind to a halt! Take current events for example, if you’re covering topics that are popular, the chances are your blog’s traffic could sky rocket at a moments notice, which is fantastic! However, your hosting provider might not be able to handle that kind of strain, which can lead to issues like slow loading pages. Ultimately this can lead to a loss of traffic as visitors won’t stick around for long.

Now here’s where a CDN comes in handy! Offloading content like images and style sheets onto a network of geographically placed edge servers can accelerate performance and deliver your posts at lightning fast speeds, resulting in a better user experience.

By implementing a CDN you ensure that you’re prepared when that inevitable spike in traffic hits, which means a faster loading website, happier users, and higher visibility in search engine results.


Secure Lock

SSL Network: Upload your own SSL certificate and securely serve your blog content from a branded domain at no additional monthly cost, for example If you don’t have a custom SSL certificate, contact CDNify Support and we’ll help you get setup.


Global Network: Serve your content to users all over the world – including USA, Europe, and Asia as standard. Our geographically located servers are positioned to get your your blog in front of your users faster, no matter where they are based. For a full list of locations, check out our network page.


Faster Loading Assets: Tired of hitting a site to find the images take an extremely long time to load? CDNify grabs those images and disperses them across it’s network, delivering them at lightening fast speeds – as soon as users land on your pages, they get served content without having to wait.


Crash Resistance: The worst thing that can happen to your blog is a crash. It brings traffic to a screeching halt and makes you look bad not only to the visitors, but to search engines as well. With CDNify content is offloaded onto edge servers around the globe, then served from the nearest one closest to the user to ensure your blog is always online and crash free.


Scalability: Wether you have a small personal blog you like to manage in your own time or a large blog for your company that bring in loads of traffic, CDNify is ready to scale to fit your needs. Upgrade or downgrade at the click of a button whenever your ready to scale up or down.


Whether you have a personal or professional blog, it’s key to have a CDN in place for reassurance that your site is performing at its optimal and visitors have a memorable experience.

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