Migrating to the New CDNify Platform

Migrating to the New CDNify Platform

Exciting times ahead here at the CDNify HQ. During the past few months we’ve taken the time and energy to craft an entirely new platform with a whole host of features that we think you’ll enjoy.

Now as part of our core packages we’re offer some fundamentals that we feel everyone shouldn’t be without. Having streamlined our entire system, we believe that the main features we offer will provide you with what you need to deliver fast, reliable, and secure content to your audiences.

We can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into the following features –

  • Free Custom SSL: You’ll be able to upload certificates to the CDN and use custom SSL on your hostnames completely free of charge.
  • Added POPs in Asia: Get automatic access to our new locations in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore, plus great worldwide coverage in Europe and the USA.
  • Real-Time Stats: New analytics means you can track your content on the fly and see more usage information than before.
  • SSD Accelerated Network: Edge locations utilise Solid State Drives to give you lightning fast power.
  • Full API coming soon: Create and destroy resources, then purge files programmatically. To be released in may.
  • No Suspend Guarantee: Our job is to keep you online 24/7 without any downtime. We’ve streamlined billing and will never cut an active client’s CDN off without contacting them first.

We didn’t want to leave you in the dark, so we’ve prepared 3 options to help you either migrate to our new system or stay on our old one.

Please note that this only affects customers on the old platform.

  1. Move Onto New Platform

    Be one of the first to exclusively dive into our new platform – As an early adopter of CDNify we’re offering a 20% discount on the duration of our plans.

    You’ll be moved onto one of our new monthly plans where you can take advantage of the several brand new features like free custom SSL and real-time stats. Resources will need to be recreated, however we’ll help you move over and give plenty of time to ensure you’re happy with everything.

    To get started migrating over, contact our support team: support@cdnify.com

  2. Keep Current Pay-As-You-Go

    Want to sink your teeth into our new system, but don’t want to migrate to one of our new plans? No need to panic! You can migrate over to our new system with your existing data on pay-as-you-go, but you won’t be able to top-up your data.

    If you decide to change your mind whilst on the new platform, you can switch over to our new monthly plans at any point, however you won’t be able to take advantage of our discount.

    To start migrating over just drop our support team a message: support@cdnify.com

  3. Stay On Current Platform

    If you’re not an early adopter there’s no need to move over just yet, but you’ll be missing out on some awesome new features and our discount.

    We’re supporting our old platform for 1 year, so you have time to decide when you’re ready for the big move. The only downside is you won’t be able to top-up your account with more data and there won’t be any new features. If you decide you’re happy to stay on the old platform, then you don’t need to lift a finger. We’ll contact you once you’re reaching the end of your data to give you the option to move to the new platform.

Whatever your decision, we’re here to help and answer any questions you have along the way. Support is ready and waiting, just drop them a message: support@cdnify.com

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  • Stiletto

    I am using CDNify for my hobby projects, not because of huge traffic, but because it helps to decrease page load times.
    Your old platform was extremely cheap for this purpose – my monthly traffic is around 1.5 Gb.
    Now I have 497 Gb left on my account and by the end of promised year of support for old platform I will have around 479 Gb still left.
    Loosing 95% of money paid for traffic sounds soooooooo wonderful and inspiring even if it’s just $28.

    I think I will stop using CDNify when support for old platform ends. Not because $10/month for micro plan is too much, but because all this made me loose trust in CDNify.

  • PAYG is one of the reasons you have so many customers because it was unique and approachable to anyone, giving you an advantage over so many other providers. Taking this away can only have negative results for the trust you have built over this period. On the other hand it will undoubtedly spawn a new generation of customers replacing the people that made your platform aside in a brush under the carpet, forget about it kind of effect.

    This seems like an action fuelled entirely by money because the old platform wasn’t generating enough profit for you as your customers were never reaching there limits and thus not needing to buy more data, not one for the interest of your existing customers. I love the service, I really do and finally seeing some progress is great news to me after waiting for it all this time but really don’t understand why this sacrifice is needed (if you wanted to continue supporting the old platform you would of thought about this when creating the new one, right).

    • cdnify

      You’ve raised some good points Nathaniel!

      Firstly, we’re really glad you like the service and apologise if you feel misled.

      Like I mentioned to @disqus_ydTZ2vfA08:disqus, we decided to change due to scalability, moving away from the federated CDN model as it’s tied to someone else’s backend, which caused problems when we wanted to create original functionality – This is something we had to move away from.

      Now we have complete freedom to build features you need, which we feel is a great direction to step in – Although, it’s important to stress that this is not a decision we have taken lightly. We want to keep supporting customers and giving them the functionality they deserve, to do this we had to move away from PAYG to monthly plans.

      Over the coming months we’ll continue to add features and improve our services. We’d love to hear more of your thoughts and any suggestions you might have, just ping us over a message at: https://cdnify.com/contact