CDN for Campaigns

CDN for Campaigns

CDN for Campaigns

Campaigns are all about cut-through, creating a memorable experience that reaches your audience in a simple but effective way. Regardless of the type of campaign you are rolling out – from micro-sites to Facebook apps – providing a super fast experience for people is paramount.

Make your campaign flow smoothly by using a CDN to offload your assets onto our global network of edge servers. This will ensure you are delivering your campaign at lightning speeds, regardless of the user’s location. CDNify is easy to implement with a host of great features like real-time stats tracking, it’s a quick solution that takes minutes to setup and gives end-users that unforgettable experience.

Case Study

Let’s say you have a micro-site which is dependent on your user’s uploading content. You’ve compressed and gzipped everything the best you can, but the sheer amount of content still leads to an over-encumbered site that’s bogged down. Visitors entering your site are hurled back to the 1990’s, waiting for graphics to load at a snail’s pace: line by line, pixel by pixel.

Users won’t want to stick around while waiting for the origin server to respond, instead they’ll leave within a few seconds. The quickest and easiest way to avoid these types of problems is to host your micro-site campaign on a CDN. This will allow you to disperse your content and deliver it to your users based on their geographical location.

By implementing a CDN you’re immediately making your campaign globally neutral so people, no matter where they are, see your site’s content without delay. CDNify can easily cope with any levels of traffic you can throw at it, meaning when your campaign gets that spike in traffic your visitors still get a lightning fast experience no matter where they are based!



Fast Page Loading: No one likes waiting for pages to load, that’s a cold hard fact that most campaigns should know from the get go. Instead, use CDNify to grab assets like images and graphics and disperse them on our global network of servers, delivering them at super high speeds no matter the user’s location.


Click-through: Conversion rate is the lifeblood of any campaign. Serving your assets from a CDN provides a much faster experience for your users which will have a dramatic impact on your conversions.


Global Network: Serve your content to users all over the world – including USA, Europe and Asia as standard. Our strategically located servers, will get your campaign in front of your users faster no matter where they are based. For a full list of locations check out our network page.

Real-time Stats

Real-time Stats: Know who’s viewing your campaign by using CDNify’s real-time statistics software. Know precisely what files are the most popular, where visitors are coming from, and how much data you’re using.

Secure Lock

SSL Network: Upload your own SSL certificate and securely serve your campaign from a branded domain at no additional monthly cost, for example If you don’t have a custom SSL certificate contact CDNify Support and we’ll help you get setup.


CDNify your campaign, increase your conversion rate and give your customers the experience they deserve.

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