CDN for eCommerce

CDN for eCommerce

CDN for eCommerce

Running your own business can be a liberating experience – There’s nothing better then attracting new customers and making sales, eventually you’ll gain enough momentum that thousands of visitors will be passing through your site everyday, making a heap of requests to your origin server.

Growth is part of every business’ strategy but it can lead to a few problems if you’re not prepared. Let’s say your website gets featured on a popular news channel, which gets millions of visits a day. That traffic gets filtered through to your website, meaning hundreds of thousands of visitors passing through your site (if not more). This can be fantastic for your business as you get more people viewing what you have to offer but too many requests to your origin server can cause your site to slow down or worse… crash completely!

Here’s were a CDN comes in handy – Offloading content like images, CSS and JavaScript and delivering it via our strategically located network of servers ensures your website is always up and running, no matter how many visitors you get. Using a CDN will dramatically speed up page load times and the better your content performs, the better it will rank in Google.


Secure Lock

SSL Network: Upload your own SSL certificate and securely serve your site’s content from a branded domain at no additional monthly cost, for example If you don’t have a custom SSL certificate, contact CDNify Support and we’ll help you get setup.

Real-time Stats

Real-time Stats: Traffic can come from all over the world – Know who your customers are by using real-time figures so you can target them in the future. With CDNify’s stats service you can review your most popular files to see which countries you get the most pull requests from and where you are using most of your data.


Crash Resistance: There’s nothing worse than arriving on a website to find that nothing loads, every second that ticks by seems like an eternity and can really discourage users from returning – This can really make your business look bad, instead use CDNify to offload content to edge servers that are placed strategically around the globe, then serve them from the nearest ones closest to the user to ensure your site is online and always ready for that surge of traffic.


Safe Payments: Before users decide to make a payment, they must first know that your business is legitimate and your website can be trusted. By using HTTPS, which is a safe way to transfer data over the web, you ensure your customers can make payments without fear of malicious activity. CDNify offers shared and custom SSL integration for free as a way to encrypt for safer transfers.


Fast Files: Imagine arriving at a shop and then trying to open the front door, only to find it won’t budge, with each push it opens inch by inch – Your eCommerce site’s landing pages are essentially the front door. CDNify is the grease for your site, making sure everything is working at super fast speeds by grabbing files and dispensing them across a global network of edge servers. As soon as users land on your site, that door should fly open.


Keep traffic flowing smoothly and ensure your goods get seen – Implement a CDN to not only deliver content in a safe and secure manner, but have peace of mind that your site is stable and ready to scale when you are.

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