CDN Reseller – Generate Additional Revenue with our Content Delivery Network

CDNify Reseller

CDN Reseller

Want to become a CDN Reseller? With the CDNify Reseller solution it’s now possible to add CDN to the ranges of services you offer, minus the hassle of actually building and maintaining your own Content Delivery Network. If you’re an ISP, Hosting Provider or a Web Development agency, you’ll know that the demand for accelerated content has never been higher. With our “CDN Business-in-a-box” you can be up offering CDN services to your customers in next to no time, whilst we take care of all the hard-work for you.

The growing role of the “cloud” in business and consumer applications, from web apps to ecommerce platforms has created a new set of expectations amongst users. Most people now expect applications to be fast on all devices, anywhere, and at anytime. With a CDN in place you can ensure that this is the case.

How Does a CDN Work?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network caches a copy of your website or apps static content (things like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images) on a worldwide network of servers. It then delivers your content to your users based on the location that’s closest to them.

Serving cached content drastically improves performance by taking the load away from the “origin” server, i.e. the server where your website or application lives. This is useful because if content is popular, demand can swamp the origin server, meaning poor performance and slow load times for users. This can have a detrimental impact on user experience, and the slower the experience is for your customers, the worse your conversion rate will be.

CDN Business in a Box

Out of the box

Backed by our global CDN you’ll be able to provide your customers with unparalleled scalability and reliability. We empower our resellers with the tools they need to succeed and provide you with a complete control over your customer’s experience.

You can set your own pricing, manage billing however you want and are able to fully customise the reseller control panel to match your branding. We give you access to all of our greats features, such as free Custom SSL and even provide you with a WHMCS plugin to help you get up and running and start taking payments as quickly as possible.

Benefits of using the CDNify Reseller Solution

Benefits of CDNify reseller

  • White Label Control Panel: Fully customise the look and feel to match your branding.
  • Easy Set-up: We can have you up and running in within one week.
  • Innovative Features: Get access to the full CDNify features and priority access to all new features we are working on.


Our CDN Reseller solution has no set up fees and some of the most competitive CDN pricing in the industry.

Plan Price TB/m Price per GB
Entrepreneur $100 2TB $0.05
Agency $250 5TB $0.04
Hosting Provider $500 10TB $0.04
Telco $1000 20TB $0.03

There’s never been a better time to Resell CDN

With the CDN market expected to grow to an astronomical $12 billion over the next four years there has never been a better time to take advantage and become a CDN Reseller. Head on over to the CDN Reseller page to learn more and get signed up.

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