SassDoc: Document Sass Files, Functions, and Mixins

SassDoc: Document Sass Files

SassDoc: Document Sass Files

SassDoc is a tool to document functions and mixins, it’s an easier way to structure your Sass code so other developers using it can understand what’s exactly going on – This neat tool was created by front-end developer Sass expert Hugo Giraudel.

Hugo is a CSS expert focusing primarily on Sass. He writes for sites like Tuts+, SitePoint, CSS-Tricks, Codrops, and Web Design Weekly, he’s also the author of Browserhacks, SassDoc, and a new book he’s writing focusing on CSS3.

We got the chance to chat with Hugo about SassDoc and other topics like Sass Frameworks, 3D JavaScript games, and pet peeves when first getting started with Sass.





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