Troubleshooting Error Codes on CDN

301 - Moved Permanently

Issue: The requested URL has been moved permnanently, resulting in a redirection to a new URL. Usually this issue is caused when an outdated link is accessed, your resource's origin URL is incorrect, or there are conflicts with the .htaccess file.

Fix: Make sure your origin URL in your CDNify dashboard is correct, for example if, but site is, resource will redirect. Alternatively check .htaccess file for any Redirect 301 that could be causing a conflict.

400 - Bad Request

Issue: The CDN thinks your connection is malformed, as in didn't respect the HTTP protocol.

Fix: A bad request error sometimes occurs when first setting up a resource, so you will need to wait a couple of minutes.

403 - Forbidden

Issue: The requested URL is forbidden from access, usually caused by restrictions on the site to stop IP addresses which can cause conflicts with CDN permissions.

Fix: White list all the CDN servers and your resource so they can access your origin server, do this either in your .conf or .htaccess file:
# allow Amsterdam & New York servers
For a full list of CDN server IP addresses, please contact support.

404 - File Not Found

Issue: Page or asset either does not exist or has been moved. It could also be due to your resource using an SSL on a non SSL site.

Fix: In your CDNify dashboard try switching on "Force SSL Pull from Origin" if it's related to SSL, alternatively check your origin to ensure the page or asset exists.

502 - Bad Gateway

Issue: The CDN cannot grab your origin site's content, usually due to network restrictions, for example if you're behind an office firewall that has strict rules.

Fix: Try flushing your CDN cache within your dashboard, if that does not work check your firewall rules and be sure to white list your resource and CDN servers.

504 - Gateway Timeout

Issue: The CDN could not reach your origin server and timed your browser out when trying to pull content, this is usually due to network restrictions like strict firewall settings.

Fix: Ensure your origin server is online and reachable, then flush your resource's cache. If you have trouble accessing your origin then contact your hosting provider to investigate the issue.